What organic means?

The rules that govern the use of the USDA organic seal — or even the word organic — are essentially the same for all foods. “

Organic comes with a long list of criteria and stringent verification rules farmers and food processors have to meet.”

-Charlotte Vallaeys, senior food, and nutrition policy analyst.

But not every rule applies to every type of food. Ingredients such as nuts and fruit in these Kelawo are required to be grown organically, using sustainable practices. And most importantly without GMOs or synthetic pesticides.

In processed foods, like Kelawo, the processing itself has to comply with organic rules, which ban the use of most synthetic processing aids or artificial ingredients, such as artificial colors.

What it doesn’t mean: Just because a fruit is organic doesn’t mean it’s necessarily more nutritious than conventional fruits and vegetables.

“Organic doesn’t mean that fruit is going to have less sugar, for instance.”

Vallaeys says.

Via. The Washington Post Article

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