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Walnut Kelawo – Walnuts dipped in Honey & Mulberry Juice


Walnut Kelawo کیلاو (also spelled Kilao) is an extremely delicious candy prepared by coating Walnut halves with a sweetened paste of Honey and Mulberry juice thickened with flour and dried in the sun. No sugar is added to make traditional Kelawo.

  • 100% Natural with no preservatives
  • Made with fresh Walnuts
  • Extremely delicious taste
  • Handmade with traditional methods
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What is Hunza Chocolate/Hunza Candy?

Walnut Kelawo کیلاو (also spelled Kilao) is an extremely delicious cuisine of Hunza and Punial valley. It is prepared by repeatedly dipping walnuts in a sweetened juice of Honey, Mulberry, and Grapes. The nuts are first sewed in a thread by hand and sun-dried to get the crispiness. When naturally dried, the nuts are dipped in a chocolate-like paste of Mulberries, Grapes, and Honey mixed with Wheat Flour

Kelawo is also known as Hunza Candy. Some may term it as Hunza Chocolate, but as Kelawo does not contain any cocoa, it is not chocolate.

Hunza Candy is prepared fresh during June and November- when the nuts are fresh. You may consume the Kilao between meals or serve it as a dessert during New Year and Navroz celebrations. Walnut Kelawo is one of the best gifts to give, the best companion with coffee or Tumuro Tea.

Hunza Candy – Kelawo (Kilao) is available in three delicious Tastes: Almond KelawoApricot Kelawo, and Walnut Kelawo (Kilao).

Benefits of Walnut Kelawo

Walnut Kelawo is the powerhouse of essential Fatty Acids and proteins. They are known to promote blood circulation, improve Hemoglobin levels and reduce Cholesterol. Molasses made from grapes and mulberries contain high levels of iron minerals. [1] Mulberries may also lower cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar control, and help prevent fatty liver disease. According to, Mulberries also decrease oxidative stress, reducing cancer risk.

As grape juice is also used in Hunza Candy, compounds in grapes may protect against heart disease by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Both grapes and mulberries are rich in antioxidants, beneficial plant compounds that may protect against chronic health conditions.

About the Walnuts used:

Walnuts are also a great natural source of Omega-3 fatVitamin E, fiber, and protein making them the perfect snack item for your healthy diet plan.

The walnuts we use are organic and natural from different valleys of Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan. The taste of GS Hunza Dry Fruits’ walnuts, which are grown with traditional methods, is quite delicious compared to other walnuts. Inshallah, you’ll love our Hunza candy made from these walnuts.

Ingredients of Walnut Kelawo

Walnut Kernel, Mulberries, Honey, Grapes, Wheat Flour.

Shelf Life

In an environment of 15-22 degrees, you may store Hunza Candy for up to 60 days. You can also refrigerate to avoid worms (organic nuts are prone to worms in warm temperatures and humidity), but do not deep freeze. We do include Silica gel desiccant with the package, which can also help preserve Kelawo.

Allergen Information

The product contains walnuts and gluten.

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    Bhai ya product bht unique hai, muja friend na recommend kia tha or such ma bht tasty hai. Keep it up.

  2. Imran Ali

    Kelawo tastes great would shop again In sha Allah

  3. Aseya Khan

    Best we ever had! Highly recommend

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