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Organic Dried Persimmons – جاپانی پھل


All-natural delicious and buttery smooth dried persimmons. These are some of the largest and best-tasting persimmons you can find anywhere. No additives at all! Straight from Hunza Organic farms to your table.

Due to crop availability we currently only have these smaller and darker persimmons. These honey apple variety of persimmons are much smaller, darker, and sweeter than traditional persimmons. While these may not be as large, pretty, and bright, they taste even better!

For orders smaller than 2 kg, the weight mentioned here includes the product and packaging.

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3 reviews for Organic Dried Persimmons – جاپانی پھل

  1. Zainab Mirza khan

    Shape and size of slices was nice, overall taste was sweet but i haven’t tasted a fresh persimmon unfortunately

  2. Amjad Khair

    fully ripe persimmons are an amazing treat. clearly these were picked before fully ripened, and processed a bit under-ripe. It’s a delicate fruit, so this is understandable. Still, a nice treat in a world where persimmons are practically unknown in the local groceries. I would love some sweet, juicy ripe persimmons, the kind that require the use of a chin cover to catch all the slurp.

  3. Faizan Tahir

    I ordered 2 bags of persimmon from another store they were not great then i ordered 1 pack from this store they were delicious this time i am buying extra packs for my family also.

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