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Organic Dried Cherry with Pits


Look at the ingredients of these organic dried cherries, no sulfur, no added sugar, no nothin’ but cherries. Grown in a sustainable manner that is healthy for you and the environment, these unsweetened dried cherries are dried naturally from fresh organic cherries these deep purple Cherries are delicious.


They are a great snack and perfect for baking. Make a tasty treat by stuffing our unsweetened dried cherries with chocolate chips, and use them in the cookie dough of a chocolate chip cookie recipe – kids love them. You can also sprinkle these in with your muesli and yogurt for a refreshing continental breakfast.


These cherries contain their seed within them too.


Price per 500g, Order 2 for 1Kg, and so on.


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1 review for Organic Dried Cherry with Pits

  1. Asma K

    Tasty Cherries, would surely recommend. If you want to add to cakes you should try cherries without pits.

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