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Hunza Original Zafforn (Safflower)


For thousands of years, Saffron has held the title of the world’s most valuable spice. Saffron threads are renowned for their unique, spicy flavor and difficulty of production. Our Hunza saffron is the highest quality available, sold as whole threads rather than ground-up powder.

  • Net Weight: 1 Gram
  • Each saffron thread measures 2.5-4 cm.
  • Organically grown, 100% Pure & Premium Saffron Spice
  • Super Negin grade has longer threads, fewer crumbs. This type of Saffron is the highest quality of all Persian Saffron.
  • Handpicked in valleys of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.
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If you do not yet, you should start believing in the power of Saffron to add a fantastic aroma to your food. However, you do not need to put a lot of Saffron in your food to make it smell nicer. Just a hint of Saffron can make a huge difference.

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1 review for Hunza Original Zafforn (Safflower)

  1. Shehzad Ali

    This is the 3rd time I have ordered saffron from Hunza. I order again and again because every time I have used the threads the dish has been outstanding. Lots of love from lahore.

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